Tips to avoid Facebook restriction

Getting restricted depends on several factors. some of them are known and some are unknown as Facebook never revealed how its SPAM control system works. It can block you if you are manually posting same message to multiple groups and it can allow the auto-poster sometimes. its unpredictable. one’s non-blocking techniques may not work for other accounts. There are NO standard methods/values to avoid blocking. Below are some common blocking factors

Fast posting for some accounts Facebook allows even 1 minutes post delay and for some accounts it doesn’t allow even 15 minutes. Possible reason may be the age of FB account, verification of account. How much account is used manually. New accounts are created every day and most of them are fake so Facebook has strict rules for new Facebook accounts to control spamming. if a delay value is not working for you, keep it increasing until account is not restricted.

Always make sure your content meets the Facebook Community Standards https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards

And Facebook’s Ad Guidelines https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

Use Spintax — Spintax is used to create random posts. you can use the follow syntax to spin your content
Spinning example : {Hello|Howdy|Hola} to you, {Mr.|Mrs.|Ms.} {foo|bar|foobar}

What is Spintax?

Spammy posts — Facebook can detect spam from words in posts and Facebook user has also an option to Report a post as spam. So keep your posts wordings spam free.

parallel posting. Do Not create parallel campaigns on same Facebook account

if your Facebook account is new (Less then 1 month) your should not do any automate posting

For most facebook accounts limiting yout dailly posts to 50 post a day is safer

Other Tips to avoid Facebook block:

  • Facebook account
    • Don’t use the business name for a personal account.
    • Provide informations about who you are.
    • Don’t send too many friend request
    • Try to not use the Facebook account once you create it, and try to work more on your Facebook account to avoid detecting your account as fake account.
    • Facebook has become very strict with accounts that do not have a verified mobile number attached. verify your Facebook account with a valid email and mobile number. And if you can’t, we strongly advise you reduce your daily posts to 30 with a good time interval between them.
    • It’s recommended to enable “Use two-factor authentication” and “Get alerts about unrecognized logins” Settings -> security -> Setting Up Extra Security https://www.facebook.com/help/799880743466869/
  • Behavior on Facebook
    • Don’t join groups too fast (Max of 24 join request per day)
    • Don’t do alot of activities on Facebook during the automate posting
    • Also you could be restricted from Facebook when sending too many friend request,send spam messages to friends
  • Post Content
    • It can take short time but it’s a good idea to Make post on Facebook page and  share the post link on groups instead
    • Try to change your content every time to avoid detecting your posts as spam
    • Use the spintax in addition to the unique post (King Poster allows you to make your post unique by adding a short code to the status and as a param to the link)
    • Big delay more safer try always to make and an interval of +5Minutes between each post
    • DO NOT post a spam content
    • Try to not post more then 50 post a day for each Facebook account
    • Use multi Facebook account each time use a defferent account to be able to make as much posts as possible on Facebook
    • Post to only to groups where people can be intersted in your content (Kingposter allows yout to filter your groups with keywords)
    • Avoid posting External Links (Non-Facebook links ) as much as you can.